Mindfulness & Breathing sessions for kids
Online & In person
5-11 years old


Every parent wants what’s best for their kids – that’s quite obvious. However, with today’s fast-paced lifestyle filled with technology, we don’t always know what that “best” looks like.

Childhood is different today than it was even 20-30 years ago. More and more often, playdates with peers are replaced by social media and computer games substitute friendships. Our children are constantly exposed to ads and other cultural messages that condition their dreams and ambitions.

This has a huge impact on kids’ personal, emotional, and social development. While we’re aware of this as parents, we don’t always know how to offer an exciting alternative to watching screens. And — let’s be honest — sometimes we just don’t have the energy for it.

One way to give your children a break from technology and consumption is to encourage them to get to know themselves from an early age. Breathing sessions are a great opportunity to do just that!

I offer children’s breathing sessions for age group: 5-11 y – individual and group settings.

What does a breathing session for kids look like?

These sessions are a space for children to build a strong sense of who they are. Since kids generally don’t carry as much emotional baggage as adults, breathing sessions for them don’t focus as much on problems. Rather, they’re designed to help your child discover their potential and inner strength.

The basic technique is correcting the breathing pattern by teaching children diaphragmatic breathing. Sessions are held in a friendly and informal atmosphere, online or live. During our time together, I provide children with knowledge and tools to deal with stressful situations. I also teach them healthy emotional expression so they don’t have to suppress their feelings.

A beautiful element of the session is the meditation for children. I believe that it’s never too early (or too late!) to start exploring one’s inner world and learn self-acceptance and self-love. If your children do this early in life, it’ll be much easier for them to face challenges in the future.

Elements of the session:

  • breathing exercises to open up the breath and engage the diaphragm; 
  • movement and sound as a part of the breathing technique;
  • breathing exercises balancing the breath and hemispheres of the brain;
  • Tibetan exercises to increased strength, coordination and flexibility; 
  • meditative stage to bring the joy, calmness and happiness.

How Transformational Breath impact child’s development

Diaphragmatic breathing is very important, especially in stressful situations. If children develop shallow breathing habits early on (for example, when they get angry or sad) it becomes more difficult for them to express and regulate emotions over time.

Helping a child develop a healthy breathing pattern is an investment in their future. Most importantly, it helps them cope with stress and challenging feelings. Other benefits of doing breathwork with kids include:

  • Better oxygenation and cleansing of the whole organism;
  • More energy;
  • Reduced levels of stress hormones due to diaphragmatic breathing, resulting in more calm, emotional balance and muscle relaxation;
  • Significantly reduced fear and anxiety;
  • Improved concentration, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Sharpened ability to focus and learn;
  • Improved strength and flexibility due to Tibetan exercises.

What else your child can gain?

  • Self calming strategy with the knowledge of the technique;
  • Ability to be more authentic, thereby this approach raises self-awareness, self-esteem and self- confidence.

Dr. Judith Kravitz, the founder of the Transformational Breath technique, also noted the positive effect of breathwork on children with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Diaphragmatic breathing — and the increased amount of energy and oxygen that comes with it — helps them concentrate on one activity.

To find out more or to sign up your child for a session, fill out this contact form or send a message: +44 7725975952.