Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you experience a stressful moment? Why is stress so harmful to us, even though it’s such a natural part of life?

When you’re stressed, the sympathetic nervous system triggers what is known as a “fight or flight” response. This means your body directs energy towards either fighting or fleeing the perceived danger. Your heart rate increases, your muscles tighten, stress hormones are released, and your breath becomes more shallow.

This physiological reaction made sense to our ancestors when they needed to protect their lives. In the modern world, the “fight-or-flight” mechanism is, for the most part, redundant. Your physical survival is rarely in danger — yet, when you stress about work or an argument with your spouse, your body responds as if these were life-threatening situations!

One consequence of chronic stress is that we don’t breathe enough. Many people are constantly deprived of oxygen — some studies show that up to 70% of us don’t use our respiratory system’s full capacity. This increases the chance of physical disease, mental and emotional breakdowns.

But there’s a safe, natural way to improve your breathing and bring the body, mind, and soul back to balance Transformational Breath! Below, you’ll find more details as to what a breathing session looks like and what you can expect from working with me.

What does a breathing session look like?

The exact course of the session will depend on you, your readiness to change, and your intentions. I want to offer you the greatest possible comfort and discretion so that you can experience a deep journey into yourself.

First, I’ll invite you to lie down, get comfortable, and breathe normally. The starting point is to observe your breathing pattern, compare the length of the inhale and exhale, and the pauses between consecutive breaths.

Your breath represents you and where you currently are in your life.

Then, I’ll ask you to switch to the Transformational Breath technique. This means deep breathing through the mouth, using the diaphragm, fully relaxed. It’s important not to pause between inhalation and exhalation and to simply let the breath flow.

The effectiveness of the breathing technique comes from combining it with bodywork. As we progress through the session, I’ll invite you to make sounds and move. This is the perfect time to allow yourself to express emotions without the fear of being judged. You can release the tension like a child throwing a tantrum.

An important element of the session is acupressure — i.e. pressing certain points in the body to release blockages and muscle tensions that arise along with suppressed emotions. Through coming in contact with the latter, we’ll gradually introduce elements of inner child work. This is your chance to integrate painful experiences from the past and thus heal your adult self.

I offer free consultations so you can decide risk-free whether you want to work with me. An individual breathing session is approximately 60 minutes long. Currently, all sessions take place online.

How to prepare?

The best thing you can prepare before the session is your attitude. Try to establish as much confidence and trust both in yourself and the process.

When coming to Transformational Breath sessions, many people bring a specific wound or problem with them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, at the beginning of each session, I’ll need to remind you that the solution doesn’t always look like we imagined it.

That’s why the best you can do is to trust and let the breath work its magic.

As for the practicalities, dress comfortably and ensure maximum comfort during the session. Get yourself a glass of water, a blanket, and tissues, and keep them handy.

Throughout the session, you can expect physical sensations such as dry mouth, numbness or tingling in the extremities, waves of heat or cold, chills, and sudden emotional agitation.

If you have any questions before the session, feel free to contact me. 

The benefits of Transformational Breath and Inner Child work

Transformational Breath and inner child therapy are two complementary journeys. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing often enables a connection with the child you used to be. One consequence of this may be consciously experiencing the emotions that this child had learned to avoid or suppress.

By accepting these emotions as they come up, you give your child self the security it needs so badly. Through that, you become your own inner parent, thus freeing yourself from the psychological wounds that chase you in adulthood.

The main psychological benefits of working with your inner child include:

  • Changing self-destructive patterns and beliefs about yourself;
  • Increased empathy and better emotional intelligence;
  • Regaining inner strength and the ability to set limits;
  • A deeper understanding of your needs and desires;
  • More self-love and compassion, even in the face of failure;
  • The natural joy of living;
  • Increased self-confidence and resilience.

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