Life experiences can be tough, stressful, even traumatic and this affects our breath patterns we were born with. 

What does it really mean?

When you’re not able to express yourself freely or simply don’t know how to deal with a difficult situation, you’re “freezing” the emotion within your emotional body.

The uncomfortable emotional states are often deeply suppressed because we believe that whenever they surface, something is wrong with us. These belief doesn’t serve us… at all. The only way to find authenticity is a journey within yourself… to integrate the suppressed fear, anger, sadness and grief that seep into our daily experience.

By suppressing your true feelings and emotions, you are also impacting the natural breath pattern you were born with. Means your breathing becomes more shallow, less oxygen intake, less energy for your cells and higher chances of physical, mental and emotional blockages. 

What the breath session is like:

You will be invited to lie down in a comfortable space and to breathe normally.

I will observe where your breath goes first, how much time is spent inhaling compared to exhaling, and where it pauses or is blocked. Your breath is a signature of where you are in your life. 

With the use of your own breath, I will take you to a deep journey within yourself. The breath is a connection to your inner world, your unconscious mind, your true beingness & your soul 

Therefore all of the sessions are guided throughout a deep, connected breathing techniques.

You will also experience the use of other tools’ including adjusting the position of the body, gentle hands-on pressure ( acupressure ), sound, body movement. This will help the energy to flow around your body and to unblock stored emotions from the cellular memory. 

I will also use an affirmation, the short intention that fills your unconscious mind with a positive image about yourself, to embrace a change within patterns and beliefs that doesn’t serve anymore. The individual intention will be set prior every sessions according to your own life story. 

You may feel a number of different sensations, such as a dry mouth, tingling, numbness, a change in temperature, or emotional release. 

Each breathing session is unique, so it’s best to come with an open mind and not to have a specific expectation. As feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations arise during breathing session, allow yourself to breathe into those emotions to integrate them.

Together we will work towards re-training your body to breathe naturally, with a fully connected diaphragmatic breath for physical and emotional well-being. 


The connected (transformational) breathing is a diaphragmatic breath technique that helps to unlock the full potential of the respiratory system.

Study shows that 70% of us don’t use our own breath to full capacity, meaning higher chances of physical, mental and emotional blockages. The ideal breath creates a healthy environment for all processes within our bodies.

Here are some physical, mental, emotional and psychological benefits of connected diaphragmatic breathing:

–it helps to expand and opens up the breath with the use of the diaphragm. And so to opens up the respiratory system 

– it detoxifies body as of the increased exhalation during the breath session   

– it increases oxygenation and energy levels in the whole body  

–it stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system and massages the organs

– it stimulates a parasympathetic nervous system 

–it helps to release physical tension and reduce stress, worry and anxiety level

– each breath session embraces a deep state of relaxation 

– connected breath activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind and this promotes integration of our suppressed feelings, emotions, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns. The low vibrational charged emotions will be integrated and uplifted by a higher vibrational energy. 

–regular sessions may reveal a true connection to your higher self, to your authentic beingness