Mindfulness Breathing Kids Session

Online or in studio at artFix gallery, 51 Powis St, Woolwich, London SE18 6HZ

Places are limited


Group and individual sessions- home or in the studio.

Our classes are designed to create a strong sense of being, to discover the power within each child.

Our goal is to teach children how to handle a stressful situation, to manage an anger, to be able to talk about own feelings and express own emotions in a healthy way.

Part of the journey with mindfulness and breathing classes is gaining the ability to be more authentic, thereby this approach raises self-awareness and self-esteem.

Main  benefits:

  • More oxygenation, means more energy level in the whole body
  • Increased concentration, focus and relaxation
  • Increased clarity and ability to learn new things
  • It helps release physical tension, stress and anxiety level
  • It also detoxifies body as of increased exhalation during breathing exercises


  Interested in an individual session?

Having a child on 1:1 allows to address more deeply the issue you might be worried about.  Send us an email to set the day/time for the individual appointment at info@thrive3.co.uk 

Packages available -6 sessions for the price of 5.  Please send an email to book the block of 6 sessions for the price of 5.

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