In Person Adult Breathing Therapy

Home visit or studio at artFix, 51 Powis St, Woolwich, London SE18 6HZ


My personal experiences lead me to become a Holistic Breathing Coach. I am a Breath Facilitator and also a certified Soul Body Fusion Practitioner. 

I offer FREE consultation first and depending on your individual needs and an emotional state I can carefully design the way we will be working together.  

I use a Conscious Breath technique, Inner Child therapy, Relaxation & Mindfulness Techniques to uplift and integrate destructive patterns and beliefs that doesn’t serve anymore. I work on three levels: body, mind and soul.
The strongest gift I have is my intuition that guides me during the sessions allowing me to get to the source of problems.
The first session last up to 1.5h.
The 2nd and onward- 1h
*Please send me an email or a text massage to set the day for the appointment: 


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