ONILNE Adult Breathing (6 x Sessions ) Golden Package


Golden Package of 6 sessions, you save  £45.

1h session,  Free 20 min consultation 07725975952

My personal experiences lead me to become a Holistic Breathing Coach.

I am Transformational Breath online facilitator and also a certified Inner Child Therapy and Soul Body Fusion Practitioner. 
The strongest gift I have is my intuition that guides me during the sessions allowing me to get to the source of problems.
What you need to have ready for the online session:
*zoom link once the payment will be received
*mat and comfortable space
*ear phones ( ideally)
*bottle of water
*2 – 3 pillows
*comfortable clothes
*ball or scarf
*Please send me an email or a text massage to set the day for the appointment at info@thrive3.co.uk 
I will remain to your support between each of sessions without any additional charges.
Justyna Kubach


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