My Story

‘How the Transformational breath, Inner Child Therapy, meditations and the healthy lifestyle has changed my life’.

Imagine if at the age of 36 you were struck down with a debilitating illness. One day you’re living a full and active life, a busy single Mum looking after three boisterous kids, the next you’re completely bedridden, in terrible pain and unable to do anything for yourself. This was me.

Initially doctors were unable to diagnose my condition. I was totally helpless but my incredible family and wonderful friends rallied round to get me through each day. Eventually I was told I had Rheumatoid Arthritis a diagnosis which came as a complete shock. I started conventional treatment through the NHS but I found the drugs had little effect on me. I was desperate, and so I started exploring complementary therapies that could perhaps help alleviate the pain.

One of these alternative was Breathing Therapy. I was very sceptical to start with as I had made up my mind that only traditional treatments could help me. But I was so wrong! After just one session of transformational breathing, I noticed a difference. The relaxation techniques helped ease the pain, I started sleeping better and incredibly I was eventually able to get out of bed and take a few steps!

I can’t say that these therapies in themselves helped me get better as I was also lucky enough to receive rare biological treatment from NHS. However I definitely feel that the breathing therapy combined with yoga mediation (which I now practice daily) made all the difference to my recovery, they have set me on a path to a new life, full of joy, and happiness, and that’s why I am passionate about sharing my story with others so that they can benefit too.

Justyna Kubach, Founder

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