I’m Justyna! 

My healing gift has been always within me, just waited to be awaken.
My personal experiences lead me to become a Holistic Breath Coach. I am a Breath Facilitator, certified Inner Child practicioner and also a certified Soul Body Fusion Practitioner. 
I use a conscious, connected breath & relaxation techniques, meditations, and other methods to change limiting patterns and beliefs that doesn’t serve anymore. I work on three levels: body, mind and soul.
The strongest gift I have is my intuition that guides me during the sessions allowing me to get to the source of problems.
I have had to heal myself first to discover my destiny, my healing gift and a path. I am deeply thankful for my past experiences as the knowledge I have gained to help myself is my GEM to help others.
My self-healing, self-discovery and personal transformation started in 2013 when I lost everything, and got seriously ill.
“I was lost in my life, suffered from depression, anxiety, I was struggling with low self-esteem, self-hatred, confusion, emptiness, sleeplessness … constant self-blame… My long term relationship ended. Chronic stress developed two serious autoimmune diseases” …
And that was the breaking point to take the responsibility for my life, for everything I have created…

I have attended and participated in weeks of verbal forms of therapy, read tons of books, have attempted a mind control techniques, however their impact only temporarily covered up the source of my problems.

Fortunately a life coach appeared in my life. I embarked on my inner journey. A beautiful, challenging journey of rediscovering, of transforming imprints from childhood, integrating blocked, charged emotion…the doorway into AUTHENTIC personal freedom.

I have regained my inner power, unfolded and healed my past, my destructive patterns & beliefs. I have become my own guardian, and the greatest support. For the first time in my life, I felt my soul unifying within my body. I have discovered my spiritual gifts, and deeply developed intuition.

Today, in my course of work with clients, I use the knowledge and techniques I’ve gained and learned in the process of healing myself. I believe the holistic approach integrates mind, body and soul and can lead to a profound, healthy & joyful life.

Justyna Kubach

Transformational breath-best complementary therapy

In September 2014, Transformational Breath was honoured with an award for being the best complementary therapy by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Transformational Breath® was founded by Dr Judith Kravitz. She is author of the book Breath Deep, Laugh Loudly which has been translated into five languages. Her Breathwork has reached into 53 countries, and she has led trainings, workshops, clinics, and master classes, at healing centres and conferences around the world.

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