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Our mission is to provide a transformative and empowering experience

Welcome to Thriv3, the Transformative Events Company for Young and Old. Thriv3 offers gentle and relaxing practices, all of which are carefully designed and facilitated by wellness specialists. Our revolutionary approach focuses on building up resilience by improving the health and wellbeing of all our clients. Our events may help release emotional blockages, stress, and anxiety and enable our participants to live their best lives. We believe that having a healthy mind and body can bring great benefits to all of us.


Passionate Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Workshop Leader, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, and a Metamorphic Technique Practitioner. She has been working in the therapy world since 2012

Throughout my life I have always been hugely affected when seeing people being ill or sad.  My biggest life’s dream was to help others to return to their natural balance of health and happiness.

I am fascinated by the results, by people’s stories, by life transformations, and by how our experiences are mapped into our bodies.

I am constantly broadening my knowledge, experience and awareness of the self-healing world.  My exploration of different healing techniques, direct work with my clients and ability to listening from the heart have literally transformed my own life. I am keen on sharing my skills, knowledge and experience with people around the world’.


Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, Business Psychologist, Coach and published author on the topic of work-life balance.

My passion is to help people of all ages to build resilience. Improving our resilience helps us recover from difficulties more easily, fare better with change, and more easily devise and implement effective coping strategies. In this increasingly fast-moving and challenging world I believe that the greater our resilience, the greater our chance to thrive, flourish, and reach our full potential.

One of the most potent ways to build resilience is the ability to open and access the power of our own Breath. A full and open breath supports, grounds and empowers us through life – boosting energy when needed, enhancing relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping gain a deeper sense of calm and focus.

I love to share my knowledge and experience of breathwork and other wellbeing techniques with people of all ages and all walks of life, and continue to learn new techniques to enhance my ability to help clients reach their optimal level of wellbeing.

My personal transformation

You may like to read how Transformational Breath® made all the difference to my life and recovery from a serious disease.

Imagine if at the age of 36 you were struck down with a debilitating illness. One day you’re living a full and active life, a busy single Mum looking after three boisterous kids, the next you’re completely bedridden, in terrible pain and unable to do anything for yourself. This was me.

Initially doctors were unable to diagnose my condition. I was totally helpless but my incredible family and wonderful friends rallied round to get me through each day. Eventually I was told I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, a diagnosis which came as a complete shock. I started conventional treatment through the NHS but I found the drugs had little effect on me. I was desperate, and so I started exploring complementary therapies that could perhaps help alleviate the pain.

One of these alternative therapies was Transformational Breath®. I was very sceptical to start with as I had made up my mind that only conventional treatments could help me. But I was so wrong!!!

 After just one session of Transformational Breath®, I noticed a difference.

On the physical level, the technique helped ease the pain, I started sleeping better, feeling more energised and, incredibly, after a while I was able to get out of bed and take a few steps!

That was the beginning of my journey with Transformational Breath®. I strongly felt the power of the breath, and I did not want to stop there. I’ve since realised that everything that is inside me, is directly reflected in my life. The desire to understand more of the connection between the breath and the mind reached a peak. For the first time in my life, I knew I was ready to get deeper into the emotional part of my being and work with my past, especially with trapped feelings and emotions.

Since then, every breath session has been unique, as each time something else was uncovered, released and accepted. I would describe this process as a series of layers falling away from me one at a time, and allowing me to be more and more authentic. Today I am confident in saying that I’ve re-discovered myself and have started loving me as I am. No judgement, no blame, no regrets. Full acceptance of the past and a sincere gratefulness for each painful experience I have been through.

Whilst I can’t say that this breath work in themselves helped me get better, as later on I was also lucky enough to receive further treatment from the hospital. However, I am certain that using Transformational Breath®, combined with the drug treatment, made all the difference to my recovery and to creating a life full of acceptance, love and joy.

I am passionate about sharing my story with others so that they can benefit too. I have also started training to be a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator as I know that it is my mission to help others through sharing the power of the breath.  

Justyna Kubach, Founder



Transformational breath-best complementary therapy

In September 2014, Transformational Breath was honoured with an award for being the best complementary therapy by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Transformational Breath® was founded by Dr Judith Kravitz. She is author of the book Breath Deep, Laugh Loudly which has been translated into five languages. Her Breathwork has reached into 51 countries, and she has led trainings, workshops, clinics, and master classes, at healing centres and conferences around the world.

We work together to ensure you have an exceptional experience, leaving you with the tools to manage everyday stress and difficult situations