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Our mission is to provide a transformative and empowering experience

Welcome to Thriv3, Transformative Events company. We offer an individual and a group sessions for young and older in London (both, face to face, online) & around the world (online zoom sessions). Depending on your individual needs and an emotional state, we can offer the Transformational Breath technique (individual sessions & a regular monthly group settings in a studio), Inner Child Therapy (destructive patterns, beliefs, traumas from your childhood), Relaxation & Mindfulness Techniques, Healing Soul Body Fusions, Calming Energy Meditations.

The breath is a connection to your inner world, your unconscious mind, your true beingness & your soul therefore all of the techniques are guided throughout a deep, relaxing breathing.

Our goal is to facilitate, guide and explain how to discover your inner strength, wisdom, and connection to yourself. Each session unfolds inherited patterns & beliefs that doesn’t serve you anymore and opens up energy blockages (emotions) within your body. Our revolutionary approach focuses on developing greater sense of WHO YOU ARE, your AUTHENTICITY, your beingness. Our authentic state of Presence is joyful, harmonious, and peace loving.

My personal transformation


Justyna Kubach, The Founder & Healing Coach

My healing Gift has been always within me, just waited to be awaken.
My personal experiences lead me to became a Coach healer. I am a Breath facilitator & Certified Soul Body Fusion practitioner, I use a conscious breath & relaxation techniques, meditations, Inner Child therapy methods to de-programme destructive patterns and beliefs that doesn’t serve anymore. I work on a three levels/body-mind-soul.

The strongest gift I have is my intuition that guides me during the sessions allowing me to get to the source of the problems.

I have had to healed myself first to discover my destiny, my healing gift and a path. I am deeply thankful for my past experiences as the knowledge I have gained to help myself is my GEM to help others.

My self-healing, my self-discovery and personal transformation started in 2013 when I lost everything, and got seriously ill.

“I was lost in my life, suffered from depression, anxiety, I was struggling with low self-esteem, self-hatred, confusion, emptiness, sleeplessness … constant self-blame… My long relationship ended leaving me alone with a 3 little kids. Chronic stress developed a serious autoimmune diseases” …

And that was the breaking point to take the responsibilities for my own life, for everything I have created…

I have attended and participated in weeks of verbal forms of therapy, read tons of a books, have attempted a mind control techniques, however their impact temporarily covered up the awareness of the causes.
Entering the journey inside myself, taking the responsibilities for my own experiences by integrating blocked, charged emotion through connected breathing was the doorway into AUTHENTIC personal freedom.

I have regained my inner power, unfolded and healed my past, my destructive patterns & beliefs. I have became my own guardian, and the greatest support. For the first time in my life, I felt my soul unifying within my body. I have discovered my spiritual gifts, and deeply developed intuition.

Today, working with my clients, I use the knowledge and techniques I’ve discovered, explored, applied and learned to healed myself. I believe that holistic approach that integrates mind, body and soul can lead to profound, healthy & joyful life.

Justyna Kubach, The Founder

Transformational breath-best complementary therapy

In September 2014, Transformational Breath was honoured with an award for being the best complementary therapy by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Transformational Breath® was founded by Dr Judith Kravitz. She is author of the book Breath Deep, Laugh Loudly which has been translated into five languages. Her Breathwork has reached into 51 countries, and she has led trainings, workshops, clinics, and master classes, at healing centres and conferences around the world.

We work together to ensure you have an exceptional experience, leaving you with the tools to manage everyday stress and difficult situations